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The Key Theatre: When all was green

When All Was Green

A 45 minute puppetry play without words, accompanied by live piano, that tells the story of mankind, nature and greed.

Through old books, recycled bindings and yellowing pages a story is told about a boy and a tree, about childhood and adolescence, about green fields that are lost between grey concrete and about one green bud of hope.

The play was inspired by "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein and by "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss.



Plot Development: Dikla Katz and Avi Zlicha

Direction, Design and Manipulation: Avi Zlicha & Dikla Katz

Puppets and set construction: Second Hand Studio

Original Music and live piano: Johnny Tal

Lighting Design: Ziv Voloshin

Photos: Aviad Ivri


About The Key Theatre

The Key Theatre was established in 1998, a collaboration between writer Dikla Katz and actor Avi Zlicha. Combining film and theater has led to the creation of a company that employs different theatrical and visual languages for each show, to intrigue its audiences and itself: "Treasure Island" (Object Theatre), "The Orange Shoe" (commedia dell'arte), "The Boy Who Had No Fear" (Pop-up Tale), "Baron Munchausen" (puppetry), "The Gigantic Turnip" (Toy Theatre), "El BeBE" (Vaudeville-circus show) and "When All Was Green" (puppetry without words).  The repertoire which combines adaptations to classics and original playwriting, participates festivals in Israel and around the world. In 2012 "Baron Munchausen" participated in World Puppet Carnival, Kazakhstan and International Marionette Festival, Hanoi, Vietnam (where Dikla also took part as a member of the international jury). Throughout the years, the Key Theatre has collaborated in varied artistic projects with the Israeli Chamber Orchestra, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and many more cultural institutes. It is a member of Assitej and Unima.


Kind Regards,

Dikla Katz & Avi Zlicha




The Key Theatre – Dikla Katz & Avi Zlicha. Zeitlyn 13 Tel-Aviv, Israel 64956

Tel – 972-3-6956061 Skype – diklaavi, E-mail – info@key-theatre.com         Web-site www.key-theatre.com


Dátum Bérlet Színpad
2014. 05. 07 18:00 Bérletszünet Stúdiószínpad
2014. 05. 10 16:30 Bérletszünet Stúdiószínpad